Mabuchi Motor with its first European factory in Bochnia

14.07.2017 //

The world’s largest manufacturer of small motors for automotive industry, Mabuchi Motor, has started to construct its first factory in Europe. This Japanese giant chose Bochnia for its investment. The project was run by PAIH and Kraków Technology Park (KPT).

During the groundbreaking ceremony in Bochnia, PAIH Executive Vice President, Krzysztof Senger talked about the determination of Mabuchi Motor’s Management Board to implement its first industrial investment in Poland. He also reminded that two years passed between the first contact of the investor with PAIH to the moment of setting up the factory. “We have had many meetings in Japan and Poland, and we have seen investment sites in five Polish provinces. Finally Krakow’s Technology Park and Bochnia were selected”, Senger said. Worth €360m Mabuchi’s factory, will be ready in 2019. By 2023, the company is planning to employ 400 people, there.

“For years, we have been doing our best to create friendly environment for Japanese companies in Poland”. PAIH has been running a Japan desk, to fulfil their needs. With the support of our partners from the Embassy of Japan in Poland and JETRO as well as with the Polish central and local administration, we are able to face any challenge our investors are facing with”, Senger explained.

Japanese business appreciates this approach. Within the year, the portfolio of Japanese FDI projects operated by PAIH has increased by over €600m. Today, Japan is the first Asian investor in Poland. There are about 300 Japanese companies active in Poland, and the total amount invested by the Japanese business in the country has already exceeded €3.5 bn. This numbers may soon grow. About 80% of Japanese companies surveyed by JETRO considers doing business in Poland in the next two years.

“I would like the Japanese companies to remember that Poland is their strategic partner in Europe and the gate to the European Union,” said PAIH Executive Vice President, Krzysztof Senger.


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