Auto Forum & Business Day 2015

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We cordially invite you to participate in AutoForum & BusinessDay, which will take place in Wroclaw on the 4-5th November. The event will be held in form of b2b meetings between buyers and suppliers, exhibition and a conference session. Over a dozen Japanese companies confirmed their participation as potential buyers interested in developing cooperation with suppliers. Many different products will be searched by potential buyers within ...

Opening of the new production hall of voestalpine Rotec in Poland

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The new 6,000-square-meter hall in Komorniki, Środa Śląska (near Wrocław), was built on a 3.65-hectare property. The addition is on the opposite side of the 5,000-square-meter factory that has stood for 15 years. The expansion of the plant and production capacity is expected to result in generation of extra revenue at this site in Poland. In the future, additional steel and aluminum tubes will be cut, punched, pressed, and formed here. The pl ...

Rolls-Royce, Hispano-Suiza JV to build component plant in Poland

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Rolls-Royce and Hispano-Suiza announce the creation of Aero Gearbox International and plans to construct a production plant in Poland producing accessory drive trains (ADTs) for all of Rolls-Royce's future civil aircraft engines. Aero Gearbox International will cover the entire range of civil aircraft, from business jets to widebody commercial jets. Accessory drive trains, sometimes referred to as accessory gearboxes, are a critical component ...

Europe: Slovakia wins new Jaguar Land Rover factory bid

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Britain’s Jaguar Land Rover, the premium automaker owned by India’s Tata Motors, has announced that it signed a letter of intent to construct a new assembly facility in Slovakia. This is another sign the carmaker is expanding its manufacturing base away from its UK home, with the company – owned by Tata Motors since 2008 – ready to embark on a feasibility study for a factory in Nitra, western Slovakia. Their plan is to ...

Automotive sectors ready to employ

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Polish automotive sector is ready to increase production and create new jobs. According to „Badania opinii i nastrojów przedstawicieli Automotive” (Survey on Opinion and Moods of Automotive representatives) by Exact Systems, such optimism in the sector hasn’t been recorded since 3 years. 59% representatives of automotive sector in Poland expect that the production of cars and automotive accessories will increase in the ...

Tata Jaguar Land Rover considering Poland plant

27.07.2015 // Read More

LONDON: Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is planning to set up a new plant in eastern Europe and is zeroing in on Poland. According to the 'Sunday Times', JLR executives have been weighing up bids from Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Turkey for the factory, which will make about 2,00,000 cars a year. Senior industry sources told the newspaper that Poland had offered "huge" incentives. Jaguar produced about 4,50, ...

Poland election: President Komorowski concedes to rival Duda

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Andrzej Duda celebrates on the release of the exit polls. Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski has conceded the election to conservative challenger Andrzej Duda following the release of exit polls.
They suggested Mr Duda had taken the run-off vote by 53% to 47%. Mr Duda had edged Mr Komorowski, who had been the favourite, in the first round but did not gain the 50% nee ...

Election official result in Poland (I election): Duda 34.76%, Komorowski 33.77%

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The PKW State Electoral Commission announced the final results of the first round of Sunday’s presidential election just after midnight, Tuesday morning, following a delay in sending ballot protocols to Warsaw from two commissions in London.
The final results reveal that Andrzej Duda from the opposition Law and Justice party won 34.76 percent of Sunday’s vote, while incumbent president Bronisław Komorowski garn ...

Samsung Electronics in Wronki

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On 12 September, Wronki near Poznań, held the ceremony of launching a new production line of Samsung Electronics. “This is 250 new jobs”, commented PAIiIZ president Sławomir Majman.
The project focuses on the increase of production capacity and expanding the range of washing machines and refrigerators that will be manufactured in Wronki by 2016. The investment will deliver mor ...

The unemployment rate in Poland

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Ministry of Labour and Social Policy has published data on the unemployment rate in Poland. The registered unemployment rate at the end of December 2014 was the lowest since 2008 and reached 11.5%. After 5 years of constant increase of unemployment, at the end of 2014, for the first time, the unemployment rate reached the level lower than at the end of a previous year. In 2014, the number of unemployed fell by 332,100 y/y (decrease by 15.4%), ...