Eberspächer will move the production of heaters to Poland.

12.10.2020 //

Eberspächer will transfer part of its production to its factory in Poland.

Eberspächer is a manufacturer of exhaust systems, heating and air conditioning systems for the automotive industry.
Produces also solutions from the automotive electronics segment.
Eberspächer has over 80 locations in 29 countries and employs nearly 10 000 people.

Eberspächer has announced that will stop producing car heaters at its Esslingen plant at the end of 2021.
It will be transferred to its factory in Poland.
The Polish Eberspächer factory is located in Godzikowice, approximately 32 km from Wrocław.

About 300 employees in Esslingen will be affected by this decision.
There will still be around 1 000 employees at the German plant, as departments such as research and development, administration and sales will remain there.


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